MidAtlantic Quild Guilt Network
Membership Application
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Who should join

New Guilds and Resources are always welcome to join our group. For more
information browse our membership at MyGrove.co and our website

MAQGNet Guild Membership is open to all quilt guilds and quilt related groups in the Mid-Atlantic region

Guild Membership

.Membership runs for 1 year and is renewable annually. Dues are noted on the Annual Application and are payable by March 1. They are $25 per year, per guild (though renewals are often less if paid by January 31st! We are not in this to make money. Payment of dues entitles your guild to send up to two
representatives to the annual meeting. 

Member guilds are encouraged to send participants to the annual meeting. Interaction with other guilds is the greatest member benefit and is more valuable than the on-line information alone. Networking, sharing information about speakers and programs, discussing issues today’s guilds are experiencing and sharing workable solutions are all part of the annual meeting in March,
and throughout the year via the MyGrove.co embership


Groupworks.com is the communication tool used by MAQGNet and is updated at least annually. Being a member allows you to access the all members on Groupworks.com which includes Guild member contact information,
Resource profiles, Resource program overviews and fees, Resource contact
information, and teacher reviews.